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15 Days To 3 Months

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The Q cultural exchange visa is a non-immigrant visa for citizens of certain countries who want to enter the United States (U.S.) as a participant in an approved cultural exchange program. The Q visa is issued to qualified individuals who wish to enter the United States as a participant in an approved cultural exchange program.
There are mainly two available visa categories for individuals who want to join in Exchange Visitor programs in the United States. The J Visa is for participants of exchange programs, selected by the Department of State, that are intended to promote educational and cultural exchanges between the US and overseas countries. The Q nonimmigrant Visa is for the interested participants of international cultural exchange programs selected by the Department of Homeland Security.

Who Is It For

To be eligible for Q-1 nonimmigrant classification you are required to participate in an international cultural exchange program accepted by the Secretary of Homeland Security. The ultimate purpose of the cultural exchange program is to provide practical training, sharing the culture, traditions, and history of your home country with the United States.

How to Qualify?

Only qualified employers in the US who control cultural exchange programs, or designated agents they hire on a permanent basis in an executive or managerial level, are permissible to apply for Q nonimmigrants. Q visa classification is to simplify the sharing of international cultures. a cultural portion must be an crucial and integral part of the duties of the applicant.  Applicant must be:

  • At least 18 years old;
  • Eligible to perform the service, labor or coaching; and
  • Capable of communicating eloquently about the cultural features of your country to the American public.


Only qualified employers in the US who control cultural exchange programs, or designated agents they hire on a permanent basis in an executive or managerial level, must file Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, with the USCIS. Also, along with the position description, the employer must submit sufficient evidence that it maintains a recognized international cultural exchange program. The employer may demonstrate this by attaching copies of brochures and materials that prove that the International Cultural Exchange Visitors Program’s cultural component is designed, generally speaking, to exhibit or explain the history, heritage, philosophy, attitude, customs, traditions, and other cultural norms of the participant’s country of nationality. The employer must also provide strong evidence that the program activities take place in a school, business center or other establishment where the American community, or a segment of the public sharing a common cultural interest, is visible to aspects of an overseas culture as part of a structured program.  

In addition, the employer must prove that it:

  • Has appointed a qualified employee to administer the program and serve as liaison with USCIS;
  • business in the United States which is up and running;
  • Will offer the overseas visa holder the wages similar to those accorded local workers similarly employed;
  • Has the financial capacity to pay off the participant(s), as shown by a copy of the employer’s most recent auditor report, business income tax return or other form of certified accountant’s report.

Documents Needed

The following documents are some of the main documents that you must have in order to apply for Q Cultural Exchange visa:

  • Your valid passport with 6 months or more validity.
  • A photograph meeting the photograph requirements
  • Your Form I-797.
  • The DS-160 confirmation page with code.
  • Receipt copy proving you have paid the necessary fees.
  • The visa interview confirmation letter.
  • All your educational and job experience documents
  • Documents to prove that you intend to return to your home country after completion of the exchange program. You must show your family ties, social ties and other issues to prove that you must return.

Government Fees

The visa application fee for the Q visa is $460. 

Additional Information

Q1 Visa Processing Time

The normal processing time for the Q1 visa can vary from 15 days to 3 months. If the US Embassy Officer has too much files to process then it takes more than the usual time. You can contact the Embassy and continue waiting. After the processing time, they will email you to inform you whether you have been approved the visa or not.

Visa Validity

When a sponsor from the US petitions for you as an exchange program, they will have to mention about the length of how long the program is. But the visa duration may be up to 15 months maximum. If you are granted 8 months visa, then your US sponsor can apply for an extension by which you may get 7 months visa extension to stay in the US. If you want to apply for your Q Visa again after the expiration of your visa period, you may have to wait at least one year before your second Q visa.

Source: U.S. Department of State