ALERT: The US District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina imposed a nationwide injunction (PDF, 232.45 KB) on February 6, 2020, barring USCIS from enforcing the policy memo titled “Accrual of Unlawful Presence and F, J, and M Nonimmigrants,” which was issued on August 9, 2018. USCIS will continue to follow the previous policy guidance included in AFM Chapter 40.9.2, Consolidation of Guidance Concerning Unlawful Presence for Purposes of Sections 212(a)(9)(b)(i) and 212(a)(9)(c)(i)(I) of the Act (PDF, 3.33 MB) of the Act, which was issued on May 6, 2009. (PDF, 3.33 MB).

You may be qualified for one of two nonimmigrant student categories if you intend to pursue full-time academic or vocational education in the United States. Academic students fall into the “F” group, whereas vocational students go into the “M” category. Would you please visit the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement website to learn more about the Students and Exchange Visitors Program?

You may be qualified for the “J” category for exchange visitors if you want to engage in an exchange program. The J visa is intended for educational and cultural exchanges. Please visit the Department of State’s Exchange Visitor Visa page for further information.

US Federal Tax Information

Aliens who are temporarily resident in the United States as students, trainees, scholars, teachers, researchers, exchange visitors, or cultural exchange visitors are subject to special tax restrictions.

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