A Tourist Stream (applying outside Australia)

This visa category allows you to travel to Australia as a tourist, on a cruise, or to visit family and friends.

  • Visit friends and family, cruise, or take a vacation
  • You must be outside Australia at the time of applying and when we decide on your visa.

Stay for up to a year

Costs start at AUD145, and processing takes around a week.

Some visa processing timeframes have been impacted by COVID-19, and applications may take longer to complete.

To assist people who require immediate travel, we are prioritize the processing of visa applications for those who are free from travel restrictions. For more information, see the visa processing times.

Visa for visitors (subclass 600)

A Tourist Stream (applying in Australia)

This visa category permits an Australian visit as a tourist, see family and friends, or for non-business or medical reasons.

  • Visit friends and family, cruise, or take a vacation
  • If you have another visa that is about to expire and wish to remain longer, this visa may be for you
  • You must be in Australia when you apply and when we decide your application.

Stay for up to a year.

Costs start at AUD370 and take around a week to complete.

  • 75% of applications received in 7 months
  • 90% of applications received in 8 months

This visa allows visiting your relatives and friends while on vacation, on a cruise, or for reasons that are not relevant to business or medical treatment.

Check out all of the conditions.

Make sure you are eligible.

You must have the intention to stay in Australia for the duration of your visit and have sufficient funds to do so.

While applying, and when we decide on your visa application, you must be present in Australia.

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