The Pathway Student Visa will allow you to study up to 3 consecutive courses on a single student visa in New Zealand. The Pathway Student Visa (PSV) pilot was announced in December 2015 to assist international students to study up to 3 consecutive courses on a single student visa for up to 5 years. The visa is only available for study with approved Pathway education providers and for some courses of study.

With this visa you can

  • Study up to 3 courses, one after the other, on a single student visa.
  • You can work part-time up to 20 hours a week while studying and full-time in the holidays, depending on your course of study.

A Pathway Student Visa is for overseas students who wish to study up to 3 consecutive courses of study with approved education institutes on a single visa.

Source: Immigration New Zealand

Genuine intentions: You must have genuine intention to meet the conditions of your visa

Study pathways: You must have a valid study pathway from Pathway education provider(s). you must provide a letter of support from your Pathway education provider.

Offer of place: You must have an offer of place from an approved education provider

Tuition fees: you must demonstrate that you have enough money to pay your tuition fees

Funds: You must have sufficient funds to cover your living expenses in New Zealand

Onward travel: You must have an Air ticket to depart New Zealand or be sponsored for the cost of your onward travel

Medical and travel insurance: You must have complete medical and travel insurance for the duration of your stay

Parent or legal guardian: If you are aged 9 or younger you must be coming to New Zealand with a parent or legal guardian unless you will live in an NZQA approved school hostel

Permission to work: If you’re aged 16 or 17, or in years 12 or 13 of secondary school, you must have written permission to work

Full-time vacation work rights: You must demonstrate detailed information about your holidays and your course

Source: Immigration New Zealand

Step 1 – Get an offer of place

You must enrol with a Pathway education provider and get:

  • a letter detailing your study pathway
  • an offer of place

If your study pathway is with more than one Pathway education provider, you will be required to provide a joint letter, and a separate offer of place from each Pathway education provider.

You must commit to apply for a Student Visa immediately after your study is confirmed (but no earlier than 60 days before your course starts).

Step 2 – Apply for your visa

Apply online, upload your documents and pay applicable fees.

When you apply, you will need to make it clear that you are applying for a ‘Pathway Student Visa’.

To make sure your application is accepted for processing, you will need to provide all the information we ask for, and pay your application fee and immigration levy.

Step 3 – Decision about your Visa application

If there is anything else you need to do, Immigration New Zealand will be in touch.

Source: Immigration New Zealand
  • Completed, signed application form.
  • Appropriate fee and levies.
  • Two passport-size colour photographs.
  • Passport or travel document
  • Medical
  • Police certificates if applicable
  • An offer of place(s) from an approved New Zealand education provider(s)
  • A Confirmation of Enrolment if you are a student returning to the same provider and studying the same programme.
  • A letter from your education provider(s) stating they support your application for a pathway student visa.
  • Evidence of your financial support, as described in Section
  • Evidence of pre-purchased outward travel, or
  • Evidence of sufficient funds to purchase outward travel guaranteeing to cover the cost of outward travel from New Zealand.
Source: Immigration New Zealand

Visa Application cost NZD$ 295

This is the charge for Immigration New Zealand to finalise your application. Immigration New Zealand will not refund application costs if your application is refused. A non-refundable immigration levy is charged and is included in the cost.

Source: Immigration New Zealand

You must note that you cannot add your spouse or dependent kids in a student visa application. If they want to apply, they might apply for their own visas based on their relationship to you.

The Pathway Student Visas are long enough to complete your qualification plan.

Source: Immigration New Zealand