New Zealand is one of the countries that offers a range of student visas for foreign students with different visa policies. The Student MFAT-funded NZ Scholarship Visa allows international students to study through scholarships. Foreign Affairs and Trade provides this scholarship.

Students who are funded by a New Zealand scholarship administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT), can apply to study full time on this visa.

Source: Immigration New Zealand
  • Evidence that your tuition fees are managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT).
  • If your age is under 18 years of age, your stay must be in accordance with the ‘Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.
  • You must provide proper evidence that the MFAT will bear your costs.
  • If you have to pass practical work experience as part of your program, you must show that having work experience is required.
  • You must also demonstrate that you will return to your home country after completing your studies.
Source: Immigration New Zealand

Step 1 – Apply for an MFAT-funded NZ scholarship

To be eligible for this visa, you first need to be awarded an MFAT-funded NZ scholarship. You can apply to New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) for a scholarship.

Step 2 – Get an offer of place

You should enrol with an approved education provider and get:

  • an offer of place, if you are a new student
  • a confirmation of enrolment, if you are a returning student.

You should apply for a Student Visa as soon as your study is confirmed (but no earlier than 60 days before your course starts).

Step 3 – Apply for your visa

Apply online, upload your documents and pay applicable fees. Use our checklist to ensure you have what you need.

Step 4 – Visa Decision

You will need to wait for your visa decision and if there is anything else you need to do, Immigration New Zealand will be in touch.

Source: Immigration New Zealand
  • An offer to study at a New Zealand education provider;
  • A copy of the identity pages in your current passport;
  • Evidence of payment of your tuition fees;
  • Evidence you have enough money to live;
  • (INZ 1014) form;
  • Evidence you have enough money to leave New Zealand;
  • Evidence can be a fully paid ticket out of the country or evidence you have enough money to buy a ticket;
  • Evidence of your health and character;
  • A cover letter or statement of purpose that explains why you want to study in New Zealand and provides;
  • A copy of any letters you have received for declined visa applications for other countries and the reasons.
  • Source: Immigration New Zealand
Source: Immigration New Zealand

Application Fee – NZD$295

This is the charge for Immigration New Zealand to process your application. Immigration New Zealand does not refund application costs if your visa application is refused. A non-refundable immigration levy is charged and is included in the cost.

Source: Immigration New Zealand