Overseas students can apply for a visa to study in New Zealand. New Zealand offers high quality education and research facilities. Degrees earned in New Zealand are internationally accepted and recognised that ensure a bright future. The country’s stunning landscape has long been cited as one of its key attractions, but as those studying in New Zealand have revealed, there is far more to the country than natural beauty.

With this visa you can

  • Study full-time at the course specified on your visa – this includes name of school, tertiary (study after secondary school) and English language study.
  • Do part-time job up to 20 hours a week
  • Live by yourself above a certain age, or else you must need a parent or legal guardian.

This visa is for overseas or international students who wish to study fulltime in New Zealand.

Source: Immigration New Zealand
  • Must genuinely intend to meet the conditions of visa;
  • You must have an offer of place from an approved education provider;
  • Unless you are exempted, you must demonstrate adequate funds to pay your tuition fees;
  • Letter from your approved education provider showing fees are paid or that you don’t have to pay fees;
  • Evidence you have a scholarship from your education provider;
  • You must have full medical and travel insurance for the length of your stay; and
  • Proof that you have NZ $15,000 for a full year of study or NZ $1,250 per month that you’ll be in New Zealand
Source: Immigration New Zealand

Step 1 – Gather your documents

Prepare and gather all your documents you need for this visa.

Step 2 – Submit your application

Apply online, upload all required documents and pay appropriate fees. Use the first-time student visa application checklist to help yourself.

Step 3 – Wait for a visa decision

Source: Immigration New Zealand

Documents requirements can vary from case to case. But some of the common documents may include:

  • Sponsorship Form for Temporary Entry (INZ 1025)PDF 295KB;
  • Financial Undertaking for a Student (INZ 1014)PDF 258KB;
  • An offer to study at a New Zealand education provider;
  • A copy of the identity pages in your current passport;
  • Evidence to demonstrate that you have enough money to live on and where this money has come from;
  • Evidence that you have enough money to leave New Zealand after your course ends;
  • Evidence of your goof health and character;
  • Evidence to support what you have informed in your application and cover letter or statement of purpose (SOP).
  • Write your background covering the evidence of funds and your English Language Test result. In addition, you should provide a statement of purpose which should contain details on why you are applying, what you genuinely wish to do in New Zealand and how the course would help you in your career and future. The statement of purpose (SOP) might be hand-written by yourself.
  • Evidence of English language ability can be a very good evidence of how you will accomplish the requirements of New Zealand courses that are taught in English language only.
Source: Immigration New Zealand

The application fee for the New Zealand Fee Paying Student Visa is NZD $330

This is the charge for Immigration New Zealand to process your application. You will not get any refund if your application gets declined.

A non-refundable immigration levy is charged and is included in the application fee. An International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL) of NZD $35 is charged and is included in the cost.

Source: Immigration New Zealand

Things to note

  • If you want to bring your partner or children with you, they can apply for visas based on their relationship to you.
  • Your Student Visa is normally for the same length of time as the study you’ve paid for.
  • You can apply for this visa if you’re a distance learning or correspondence student who is studying outside New Zealand and you need to visit New Zealand for more than 3 months to attend your education provider, eg to do practical study or sit exams.
Source: Immigration New Zealand