Temporary Foreign Worker Program in Quebec provides employers with a fast and cost-effective way to fill temporary labour and skill shortages when qualified citizens or permanent residents are not available.

By qualifying for temporary foreign worker program in Quebec, you can apply for permanent stay.

To be selected for permanent settlement in Quebec you can apply under PEQ program. to be eligible you need to be at least 18 years of age, worked at least 3 years in Quebec and have good communication skills.

When applying for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, the applicants are requested to submit documents including:

  • passport
  • quebec selection certificate (CSQ)
  • family records
  • proof of work experience
  • education credentials
  • medical and dental clearence

It is for foreign skilled workers who have been offered a job.

Source: Temporary Workers in Quebec

Under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, positions offered are classified according to the median hourly wage in Québec. To find out about the procedure to follow, select the job category that corresponds to your situation.

Source: Temporary Workers in Quebec

The following is a typical procedure that will give you an idea of the steps you need to get temporary work permits in Quebec. In most instances, your employer will take the initial steps. But since they concern you, it is only appropriate that you should know about them.

Source: Temporary Workers in Quebec

Bring along all the documents that could be useful to you while settling in Québec. You will need them to obtain a social insurance number, health insurance card and car insurance, enrol your children in school, have your education and professional experience recognized and open a bank account, etc.

Source: Documents Required For Temporary Foreign Worker Program