Every year Quebec’s educational institutes welcome almost 25,000 international students. The educational institutes offer programs and diplomas that are recognized on international levels.

The programs offered in these institutes are in French and English languages. Different universities may offer different programs and the language in which education is delivered varies from institute to institute.

The institution fees has to be paid in Canadian dollars. Moreover, scholarships are also available for deserving students.

After graduating from an educational institute in Quebec you can settle there permanently by apply in any of the 2 following programs:

  1. PEQ( Programme de l’expérience québécoise) (PEQ – Quebec Experience Program)
  2. Regular skilled worker program (RSWQ)

However, to apply for these programs you may need to fulfill requirements like communication skills in English and French language, show some work experience etc.

Foreign students who have graduated from an institute in Quebec and wish to settle in Quebec permanently after graduation can apply for Quebec Experience Program.

Source: Immigration To Quebec

You have to apply for Quebec experience program for international students with all the relevant documents. For further details check Quebec skilled worker program requirements and eligibility below:

  • Applying to the Government of Québec for permanent selection
  • Applying to the government of Canada for permanent residence
Source: Settle and Integrate in Quebec

A typical procedure is suggested below to assist you in your proceedings. Take the time to read it carefully; it will give you a good idea of the steps you will have to take in order to study in Québec.

Source: Immigration To Quebec

Some of the following documents are essential for your settlement in Québec, others, while not compulsory, could prove useful.
• List of personal effects you are planning to bring
• Proof of health insurance coverage
• International driver’s license

Source: Documents Required For Quebec Experience Program

Check the government fees for applying for Quebec Experience Program.

Source: Immigration To Quebec