Canada Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program is a government-administered program that facilitates the entry of foreign workers to Canada to perform agricultural work for a period of up to eight months.

The Canadian temporary agricultural workers program is a seasonal program that hires foreign farmers when Canadian farmers aren’t available to work. This program requires experienced farmers above the age of 18 and only from some countries that are participating in the program.

The applicants must be able to satisfy the Canadian and their own country’s laws and regulations to be eligible for the program. The farmers are called for a limited time period of 8 months or less.
Every year under these programs 60,000 foreign farmers are called to work in Canada.

The farmers come to work for a specific employer so they are not allowed to work at multiple locations for multiple employers.The program under which farmers come is:
1. Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP)
The foreign hired farmers are paid the same amount as the local Canadian farmers are paid.

This program is for foreign farmers who are hired seasonally when Canadian farmers are not available to work in Canadian farms. You can get the farm worker visa as a migrant agricultural workers in Canada.

Source: Agricultural Temporary Farm Workers

To work in Canada as an agricultural worker, you must be eligible for a farm worker work permit.

You can qualify for the program if:

  • you’re a citizen of a country that takes part in the program,
  • Your government recruited you, and.
  • You’ll be working for SAWP employers in Canada.
Source: Agricultural Temporary Farm Workers

Each foreign government has its own process to recruit and select workers. Your government will make sure that you have all of the needed documents and that you are eligible for the Canada agriculture visa program.

Source: Agricultural Temporary Farm Workers

Your employer must get a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). An LMIA is a document from Service Canada that allows an employer to hire a foreign worker through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Your employer must give you:

  • a copy of the positive LMIA, and
  • Your job offer letter or contract.
Source: Agricultural Temporary Farm Workers

Your fees and payment options depend on where you are applying from. You may also need to pay for biometrics.

Source: Agricultural Temporary Farm Workers

Foreign farmers come for a certain time period to work in Canadian farms under 2 programs SAWP and The Foreign Workers Program (TFW).

Source: Canada Temporary Foreign Worker