Quebec operates the only Immigrant Investor Program in Canada since the closure of the Federal program in 2014. The program targets foreign business people who want to invest in Quebec. Approved applicants receive permanent residence in Canada.

Under Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, you are required to invest $1.2 million into a government-guaranteed investment opportunity. The investment is held for 5 years and is returned with zero interest.

Investment under Quebec Immigration Investor Program doesn’t require your active participation in management, making it a passive natured program.

This program is for business people and investors who plan to invest in Québec and settle there permanently.

Source: Immigration Quebec

To qualify for the Quebec immigrant investor program, you have to:

  • Show net assets of a minimum CAD $2,000,000, which can be shown by providing bank statement, real estate evaluation and if any other related documents.
  • Show experience in management, financial resources, planning and human and material resource control for 2 year in the 5 years preceding the application
  • Willing to settle in Quebec permanently
  • Receive the attestation on democratic values and the Québec values.
  • Sign an investment agreement with an authorized Financial Intermediary
Source: Immigration Quebec

Processing time: 2 years (CSQ), 49 months (PR)

Business people interested in the program must first select an authorized Financial Intermediary. The program operates under a strict quota; only solid applications are filed. Once the application is filled by the Financial Intermediary, the application is reviewed by the Quebec Government. If approved, the applicant will receive a “Certificat de Selection du Quebec” (CSQ). With the CSQ, applicants can apply for permanent residence at the Federal level.

Source: Immigration Quebec
  • Declaration on the democratic values and Québec values
  • Agreement and power of attorney signed with the Financial Intermediary
  • Valid passport
  • National identity card
  • Act or certificate of birth
  • Family booklet or household register
  • Act or certificate of marriage, proof of common law status or divorce certificate
  • Diploma, certificate or certificate of achievement with transcript
  • Proof of funds: you will need to submit many additional documents in regard to your assets such as bank statement, investment certificates, tittle deeds, bank loans, credit card reports, audit reports and more.
  • Management experience: you will need to submit many documents in regard to your experience such as employment contracts, history of social contribution and more.
Source: Immigration Quebec

Quebec: 15,962 CAD; Federal: 2,075 CAD

Main applicant: Processing fee (1575 CAD) and right of permanent residence fee (500 CAD)

Spouse or partner: Processing fee (825 CAD) and right of permanent residence fee (500 CAD)

Dependent child: 225 CAD (per child)

Source: Immigration Quebec

At the end of 5-year period, the investment is returned without interest within 30 days.

Source: Immigration Quebec