Visa subclass 132A is a permanent residence visa for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to establish a new business or expand your existing business in Australia. This is one of the most popular visa streams that allows business owners to live and work in Australia permanently. In order to apply for this visa, the applicant must have an excellent business profile, satisfactory annual turn over and higher net assets. The applicant must be interested to conduct business activities in Australia after the visa grant. Applicant must also be nominated to apply by an Australian state or territory government agency.

The visa subclass 132 has two streams:

Benefits of Visa Subclass: 132A

  • Applicant can avail all the benefits of Australian permanent residence by availing 132A visa.
  • Live and work in Australia indefinitely
  • Kids can enroll into world-class schools
  • Enjoy Medicare
  • Travel in and out of Australia anytime
  • Sponsor parents and other relatives to come to Australia

This visa subclass is suitable for business owners who wish to establish a new business or operate an existing business and live in Australia permanently.

Source: Department of Home Affairs, Australia

To be eligible for 132A visa, you must:

  • have a successful business profile
  • have net assets of AUD1.5 million and annual business turnover of AUD3 million
  • be nominated by an Australian state or territory government
  • be invited to apply for the visa
Source: Department of Home Affairs, Australia

Step 1: Check if you meet the all the visa requirements

Before deciding to apply for this visa, you must check all visa requirements of subclass 132A. your business turn over, net personal asset and business asset, company auditor reports and a number of factors must be checked before you move for the visa application. As you know this visa has got two streams, Significant Business History stream and Venture Capital Entrepreneur stream, you must decide which stream is best for you.

Step 2: Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) and be invited through SkillSelect to apply

You cannot apply 132A visa application directly. First you need to submit expression of interest (EOI) and then be invited to apply through SkillSelect. Submitting an EOI does not mean you can apply your visa. You must get invited from a State or Territory. Submitting an EOI allows a state or territory governments (or the Australian government where possible) to evaluate your business claims and determine whether or not to nominate you.

Information about business and employment in various states and territories is available:

Step 3: Prepare Your Documents

The Subclass 132 Visa requires a complex set of documents in order to prove the claims made. The documents are listed in the Document Checklist.

Step 4: Lodge Your Application Online

The Business Talent (Permanent) Visa (Subclass 132) visa must be lodged online through your ImmiAccount. Your documents must be ready so that you can upload your documents as soon as you submit your application. Also, you must pay the visa fee using a payment card.

Step 5: Wait for a decision

Application decision can take several months for the DHA to make a decision on your visa application.

Step 6: Receive your visa and start working

Once your application is finalized, you will receive your electronic visa grant letter and can start working in Australia!

Source: Department of Home Affairs, Australia
  • Color copies of the pages of your current passport showing photo, personal details, and passport issue and expiry dates.
  • national identity card,
  • proof of change of name, if applicable
  • a marriage or divorce certificate
  • a statement outlining your intended business or investment activities
  • a description of your research or study in relevant sectors in Australia
  • a description of your business’s activities in Australia, and the period of ownership, if applicable
  • Evidence of the net value of your business and personal assets
  • share or debentures certificates, fixed interest securities, ownership and market value of claimed marketable securities (if any)
  • memorandum and articles of association
  • certificate of business registration
  • franchise agreement, company registrar, or share transfer documents
  • partnership agreements between all partners
  • Evidence you managed the business
  • Provide a full set of financial statements for your business.
  • a one-page organizational chart
  • Summary statement of assets and liabilities – Provide Form 1139A Statement of Assets and Liabilities Position.
  • Provide a certified copy of the trade qualification, diploma or bachelor degree to claim points.
  • For a registered trademark, provide evidence that proves ownership of the trademark.
  • monthly or annual tax returns showing the cumulative export sales of the main business for the year
  • Provide proof you have at least functional English.
  • Medical
  • Character certificate

Documents checklist can vary from case to case. Visa officer might be sending you request letters for providing additional documents. But, to accelerate the process, you should understand the program’s requirements clearly so that you can submit all documents accordingly.

Source: Department of Home Affairs, Australia

From AUD 7,855

Source: Department of Home Affairs, Australia

Processing Time

  • 75% of applications: 12 months
  • 90% of applications: 18 months
Source: Department of Home Affairs, Australia