Australian Business Innovation and Investment visa has basically two stages. The first stage one ensures applicant’s arrival and work in Australia for up to 4 years and 3 months. This stage is the provisional or temporary stage. The Subclass 888 Business Innovation and Investment (Residence) visa is the permanent stage for the subclass 188 Business Innovation and Investment visa.

What you can do when you have this visa:

  • stay in Australia indefinitely
  • work and study in Australia
  • enrol in Australia’s public health care scheme, Medicare
  • sponsor your relatives to come to Australia
  • travel in and out of Australia anytime
  • apply for Australian citizenship and passport, if eligible

The visa subclass 888 is for 188 visa holders (Business Innovation and Investment) who now want to apply for Australian permanent residency.

Source: Department of Home Affairs, Australia

Common Criteria

  • All 188 visa holder applicants must meet the following criteria:
  • You must be nominated by an Australian State or Territory Government who nominated you for the subclass 188 visa, unless you have received permission to move to other State or Territory
  • You must have a strong assurance to maintain your business or investment activities in Australia
  • You must have a good compliance with applicable Australian Commonwealth, State and Territory laws
  • Apart from these requirements, each 188-visa stream have its own requirements for 888 visa subclass. Check the DHA website for accurate information.
Source: Department of Home Affairs, Australia

Step 1

Carefully review all eligibility requirements for visa subclass 888. If you are on 188A (Business Innovation stream) then you should know that there is a stay requirement, turn over and other requirements that you must fulfil in order to apply for 888 visa. Read details on your state government’s website.

Step 2: 

First, you must register your interest here in order to apply for state nomination.

Step 3: 

You will then be asked to submit all the requested documentation. If additional information is required, your state immigration officer will contact you.

Step 4: 

There will be a fee for the state application which is non-refundable. Visa officer will then start processing your file for 888 visa

Please note: some states will give you 14 days to finalize your application from the date of invitation. By this time, if you are unable to submit the appropriate information, you must seek an extension from your state website.

Step 5: 

Once your completed state application is received and approved, you will receive instruction by email to lodge your visa application. You will be given enough time (60 – 90 days) to lodge your application with the DHA, but you must lodge your visa application before your current visa expires.

Source: Department of Home Affairs, Australia

Documents Required for Subclass 888 depends on which visa stream you are currently on. If you are on 188A then there is a different documents checklist than 188B streams. Read detailed guideline in your state website before submitting your application.

  1. Completed nomination form from a State/Territory Government in Australia. If your visa nomination issued for your Provisional Visa has not been withdrawn, then the original nomination should be relied upon at the time of applying for the Permanent Visa.
  2. Evidence of your commitment to business and investment activity including:
    1. A one-page summary of your long-term business or investment intentions in Australia.
    2. Documentary endorsement that you have conducted an investigation into the business or investment setting in Australia.
    3. Evidence of conduct connected to the laws of the Commonwealth and State/Territory in which you operate your business submitted in the form of:
      • A written declaration confirming compliance with laws of the Commonwealth and State/Territory in which you run your business, or
      • Details of incidents and instances where you were in breach of laws of the Commonwealth and State/Territory in which you run your business.
  1. Color copies of the pages of your current passport showing photo, personal details, and passport issue and expiry dates.
  2. national identity card,
  3. proof of change of name, if applicable
  4. a marriage or divorce certificate
Source: Department of Home Affairs, Australia

From AUD 2,590

Source: Department of Home Affairs, Australia

Processing Time

  • 75% of applications: 12 months
  • 90% of applications: 18 months
Source: Department of Home Affairs, Australia