If you wish to work in Australia for some time, you will need a work visa. The sort of visa you get will depend on how long you want to stay, but you’ll almost certainly need to work in a job that’s on a skills shortage list.

Here are the options

  • Air or sea crew: People who looking to work as flight attendants or non-military ship crew.
  • Participate in or work at a unique event or activity: For persons who desire to work in the entertainment sector, participate in activities at an Australian organization’s request, or undertake full-time religious activity in Australia.
  • Help with a business or an investment: People who engage in broad business activities, such as attending a conference, seminar, or trade fair, and those who engage in entrepreneurial or business investing activities.
  • Represent a foreign government, teach a foreign language, or undertake domestic work (diplomat or consular): Those who represent a foreign government, teach a foreign language at an Australian school or do domestic work for a diplomat.
  • Take part in a research study: To take part in or observe a research project in Australia.
  • Internships and work training after graduation: For completing post-graduate work training and an internship in Australia.
  • Work that is exceptionally specialized/skilled: work that requires a high level of skill or specialization
  • On a temporary or permanent basis, for people to conduct the professional or highly technical job.
  • Working throughout the holidays or during the season: For young individuals who desire to visit Australia and work there.
  • Exchange program for kids, school, or staff: Those who want to work in a skilled position as part of a staff exchange program or take part in a special program recognized by the department that offers youth exchange, cultural enrichment, or community benefits.
  • Job in an industry designated by the Pacific Labour Scheme: People who want to take part in the Pacific Labour Scheme with the help of a Temporary Activities sponsor approved by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

Subclass 400 

Visa for Temporary Work (Short-Term Specialist)

This temporary visa’s Highly Specialized Employment stream allows you to undertake short-term, highly specialized work in Australia. It is appropriate if you have specialized information, abilities, or experience not widely available in Australia.


You can provide funding for up to 6 months (depending on the circumstances).

For stays of more than three months, a compelling business case must be submitted with the application.

This visa cannot be applied for in Australia, nor can it be extended.

The price is AUD315 (except in limited circumstances)

75 percent of applications are processed in 13 days.

90 percent of applications are processed in 36 days

  • You must have specialist skills, knowledge, or experience that can assist Australian business
  • The visa allows you to do short-term, highly specialized, non-ongoing work
  • You must apply from outside of Australia
  • You must be residing outside Australia when the visa application is decided

You can work in a highly specialised job with this visa, but it must be a one-time job or activity.

Only conduct the employment or activities for which your visa was granted if you have highly specialised skills, knowledge, or expertise that will aid Australian businesses and can’t reasonably be found in Australia.

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