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Canada visitor visa is a temporary resident visa granted to a visiting person from a foreign country who wants to enter Canada. In case you are in Canada on a work permit or a study permit, it is not considered as a visa. If you keep extending your work or study permit, you will still not be eligible for a visitor visa. This is not an automatic process.

This requires a new Canada Visitor Visa application which validates your stay in Canada as a visitor. If you are planning to change your work or study permit into a visitor visa you must already be residing in Canada. It is important that you apply for a visitor visa before your work or study permit expires.
Since the process can take long, it is important that you apply at least 2 months prior to leaving Canada and make sure all your documents are also valid. You can also apply for a new visit visa if your visitor visa is expired.

Who Is It For

  • People who has a study permit
  • People who have a work permit

How to Qualify

You can qualify for a visitor visa from inside Canada if you meet all the conditions below:

  • you’re already in Canada
  • you hold a valid study or work permit
  • you want to leave and return to Canada in the near future
  • your existing visitor visa is expired or was valid for only one entry


The procedure to apply for Canada Visitor Visa online

  • you need a scanner or camera to create electronic copies of your documents, and a valid credit or debit

Apply on paper for a new visitor visa

  • Get the application package

      The package includes the application guide and all the forms you need to fill out.

  • Read the mailing instructionson this page carefully before you fill out the form.

        Download the application package.

Please note the following:

  • You must fill out and sign your own form, even if you are travelling as part of a family. If you are under 18, a parent or guardian must sign your form.
  • We will not refund your processing fee.
  • Even if you send a complete application and all the needed supporting documents, you may not get a visa.

Be sure to send us all documents we asked for. Missing information or documents can delay your application.

  • Pay your application fees

In most cases, your fees will include processing fees for you and anyone you include on your application.

You must pay your fees online.

Documents Needed

Submit your application

When you have filled out the application forms, make sure you:

  • sign and date them, and
  • include all documents and proof you paid the application fee in the envelope

Mailing instructions

  • Buy two prepaid 24 x 32 cm Xpresspost–National envelopes at any Canada Post retail outlet.
  • Put one envelope in the other envelope. We will use the second envelope to return your passport and other documents to you.
  • Add the documents you are sending that support your application.
  • Put your full mailing address in the “Deliver To” field and the Case Processing Centre–Ottawa post office box address in the “Return Address” field.
  • Note the tracking number for each envelope.
  • If you don’t send a second prepaid Xpresspost envelope, we’ll return your passport by regular mail. Our office is not responsible for items lost in the mail.
  • We’ll only return your passport through regular mail or a prepaid Xpresspost envelope. (If you include a prepaid envelope from a private courier company, we won’t use it.)

Government Fees

The government fees to apply for Canada Visitor Visa Starts From $100

More Information

COVID-19: Changes to biometrics requirement for in-Canada temporary residence applicants

As a temporary measure, if you’re in Canada and applying to work, study or stay temporarily in Canada, you do not need to give your biometrics. Learn more about the exemption.

Source: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada