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Family reunification in Quebec is a program introduced for those people who have immigrated to Québec but they don’t have their families there with them.

Via this program, Quebec select almost 2,000 applicants  every year. 

This program is to sponsor family members such as spouse spouse, children, parents and siblings.  

If you are a immigrant who has become a permanent citizen of Canada and at a minimum of 18 years of age you can become a sponsor.

To qualify for this program the sponsor has to show financial stability to sponsor their family members and fulfill other important requirements too. 

Also, the person to be sponsored can prepare themselves during the processing time. They are advised to collect all the relevant documents concerning their medical and security clearance.

The person being sponsored can also look for jobs he/she can do when they arrive in Québec. This will help them start a new life easier and better by preparing beforehand. 

Who Is It For

At present, the Ministère is issuing a Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ – Québec selection certificate) for the applications received on:

Source: Immigration Quebec

How to Qualify

Check how each sponsor can qualify for a reunification visa.

Spouse/Partner: Your spouse, de facto spouse or conjugal partner must least 16 years of age at the time of application

Dependent child: In case you have a dependent child you are sponsoring and they have a child of his or her own, you must demonstrate your financial capacity.

Parents/Grandparents: You must show that you have the financial capacity to support your parents.

Source: Immigration Quebec


Spouse visa processing time: 89 days
Parents /grandparents: up to 45 months

Once you have filled the form and attached all the required documents, Mail or email your application to ROC-O. After you have emailed, the following steps take place:

  1. Check if you qualify as a sponsor and if your family members are eligible
  2. Downlead the application package, gather the documents and fill the forms
  3. Submit your application by mail or email to ROC-O
  4. The ROC-O officer check for completeness and decides if your application meets the OYW criteria. Contact information is updated and crosschecked. You can check your application status online for updates during that period. 
  5. Once you are approved, you are sent the Certificate de Selection du Quebec. You application for permanent residence is automatically sent to CIC. 
  6. You receive your permanent residence certificate.


Government Fees

Principal sponsored person : $293

Principal sponsor + additional sponsor : $410 ($293 + $117)

Application processing fees are updated in January of each year. Carefully check the required fees to ensure that your application is not returned to you without being processed.

Source: Immigration Quebec

More Information

When applying to sponsor your spouse or common-law partner to Quebec, you are not required to meet the financial requirement. 

Source: Immigration Quebec

Application Fee:


Principal sponsored person : $293

Processing Time:


Spouse visa processing time: 89 days Parents/grandparents: 45 months

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