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Application Fee:


Start from: $1,325

Processing Time:


6 Months

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The Alberta Express Entry Stream allows the province to select a limited number of eligible applicants. Candidates may apply to Refugee, Immigration, or Citizen Canada’s Express Entry programs.

Two criteria are used to choose candidates. Either they have links to Alberta or they will help the government grow economically. You’ll be asked to show one or both of these skills in a submission.

You can apply to this stream if you are an internal applicant who has graduated from a post-secondary institute in Canada.

The AINP is a transparent procedure, and if you commit fraud or misrepresentation in your application, you could be barred from applying for up to five years.

As an applicant, you must first determine if you are capable of meeting all of the criteria. Your application will be processed alongside other applicants until it is complete.

Who is it for?

This program is for foreigners looking to immigrate to Alberta. The province can select candidates and send them a Notification of Interest letter in their federal Express Entry profile based on available profile details in the federal Express Entry portal. Candidates in the federal Express Entry pool self-declare their profile details.

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How to Qualify

You will not be invited to apply if:

  • You have an active nomination that hasn’t expired and/or is eligible for renewal under a different  stream. Just one nomination certificate is available to each candidate.
  • You received a letter on a previous AINP application stating that you are not able to reapply for a certain amount of time. It is recommended that you keep your Express Entry profile up to date in order to continue to be considered for the Alberta Express Entry Stream.

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The Process

Information on Alberta Express Entry Stream selection draws from the federal Express Entry pool and NOIs issued is available on the AINP – Processing times and inventory page.

Once you are selected by Alberta, you will need to apply to the IRCC to receive your entry visa. The process takes 6 months. 

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The Documents Needed

Once you are selected by Alberta, you will need to meet the criteria of at least one of the federal immigration programs. You can view the list of documents for each:
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Government Fee


Your application

Processing fee ($825) and right of permanent residence fee ($500)

Your application (without right of permanent residence fee)825

Include your spouse or partner

Processing fee ($825) and right of permanent residence fee ($500)

Include your spouse or partner (without right of permanent residence fee)825
Include a dependent child225(per child)

If you or your family need to give biometrics, pay your biometrics fees at the same time you pay your other fees. Pay all fees using the same payment method.

Biometrics – per person85

Biometrics – per family (2 or more people)

Maximum fee for a family of 2 or more people applying at the same time and place


Alberta Immigration

Additional Information

The AINP cannot guarantee that all full applications will be evaluated or that all applicants who meet the evaluation requirements will be nominated.Review the Terms and Conditions in the How to apply section for complete information. Submission of an application or nomination by the AINP does not guarantee you will be issued a permanent resident visa.

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